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Real Woman Gina

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ow I got to be where I am?
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"I highly recommend! Her story is a modern saga of American life. Finished it in one sitting. Please be sure to read."

The narrative is true to life and reads like a very interesting insight into a slice of American history (migrant workers, mob, Nevada cat-houses, and even Frank Sinatra), as well as a wonderful story about a person who's not an angel or a demon, but is just a woman who takes responsibility for her own life, almost literally ever since she was old enough to walk."

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Sorry to have missed you! I'm pretty much retired now. Are you a long-time regular? I do receive a very few select friends in my lovely river getaway - if you're in a mood for a trip North with fishing, relaxation and some extra fun ;-), do get in touch.

Sexy, huh?

Hot Mature 40DD MILF GINA

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Gina ~
Hello boys,

I'm a gorgeous, sexy, mature blonde woman who lives her life to the fullest! I am 5'7", all natural 40DD-28-39, my hair is long and blonde. I have light skin that tans easily, large breasts and long legs. I also love to share ;-).

I am that special older woman you fantasized about all this time.
Your sexy and sweet fantasy mommy or aunty, a horny teacher, hot boss lady, a naughty neighbor... or simply an awesome, experienced & horny 40DD all natural big-breasted playmate with lots of true stories to tell.

Been there, done it, and I love it- and now you can read all about it!

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Excerpt from "Jeana":

...During that time, I frequently went out on the town. I especially liked the Italian diners and bars. Places like Melvin’s, the oldest bar around, represented a big draw for Hollywood celebs or other people with money. I became acquainted with some big Italian powers that be. I dated them and pretty soon was a member of what, I’m not sure. But I was on the inside of that family, and before long I even had a title— Ms. PR. So I began my profession as official host to out-of-towners. I wasn’t obligated to perform extra duties but discovered the more the extra, the more the gratuity. They had the money, so why not help them spend it?

When asked to entertain these men, I’d rub elbows with a few Mafia gents who seemed to know how to treat a lady. With the fine wardrobe and lovely jewelry I’d accumulated over the years, I enjoyed dress-up time. It entailed exquisite dinners in Palm Springs’ best restaurant, plus great gifts of appreciation. These Mafia guys all seemed alike— dark hair, great suits, lots of gold necklaces, and rings. Yes, I was back in business but was called director of hospitality.

I met lots of really shady characters, all trying to impress me in some way. One guy claimed he’d killed the long-missing boss of union, Jimmy Hoffa. Although I said I didn’t want to hear about it, he just went on describing how they ran his parts through a grinder. He said he figured there wasn’t a piece of him bigger than a dime leftover. But I’d heard so many bullshit stories, I just wrote it off as another one.

One night while waiting for my client in a bar, I met a real nice guy. At 2: 00 a.m., with the place shut, and manager closing the till, we heard a knock on the locked door. The manager came around the bar to the door and opened it. “Okay, come on in, Frank,” he said. There stood Hollywood legend Frank Sinatra. “How about a nightcap, George?” he asked. “Sure thing. This lady is waiting for a date. Her name is Jeana. Care to join her at the bar?” So I sat and chatted for about a half hour with “Ole Blue Eyes” himself before he said good night and left. But now I can laugh and say, “Frank and I go back a long ways.”...

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