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Available in:
Central Valley, Contra Costa, East Bay, North Bay, Peninsula, Sacramento, San Francisco, South Bay

(818) 824-4362

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This petite, exotic girl-next-door will knock on yours and bring *you* a cup of sugar!

I'm sunny and sweet, with a little extra sexy on top, to spice up the delicious desert awaiting a lucky gentleman. From my silky smooth complexion to such kissable cherry lips and juicy, round bottom, you won't know where to start... May I suggest a little nibble here, and a little kiss there? I give back twice as much, and more!
I'm playful, just a tad shy, such a good girl - if you didn't know what I'm like behind the closed doors...

What can I say? My secret passion is for good times with a fine friend, fine champagne, lovely lingerie and all the finer things in life! I love the feel of soft silk next to my warm body and the strong and gentle hands around my waist. I love the effect my sexy curves have on men. I love my job, and the great friends I get to make!

 Anywhere, any time, just give me a call and let's make this happen!

(818) 824-4362