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Massage Non Asian massage, Mature, Massage outcall, Massage incall, Fetish and fantasy, DD and bustier

Available in:
South Bay, San Francisco

(650) 762-6614

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Naturally Busty Jenna

Escape into a world of tranquility. Leave your stress at the door and allow me to take you on a journey that begins with relaxation and ends in ecstasy. I am Jenna, an experienced sensual masseuse. I am mature, 42 years old, friendly, very petite (5'0"), 110 pounds, naturally busty (34DDD), colleged educated gal.

I believe in the power of touch to help rejuvenate the body and soul. I love to massage and to be massaged. I would love to use my sensual skills on you. I also offer prostate massage as well as Nuru massage, a fun slip and slide. Nuru is done on an air mattress with warm seaweed gel. Come and feel my soft, voluptuous breasts slide all over your body. If curious, please Google Nuru massage to view a video.
Have you ever been curious about being restrained and teased?

If so, you may want to try Elysium by Bondassage. Elysium incorporates devastatingly slow, sensual masage with sensory deprivation and silken restraints. Lay back, relax and enjoy feeling slow, sexy touching all over your body while you are blindfolded, wearing headphones and tied to the table. Let your mind drift away and journey into your own world where time is suspended and you only feel pleasure and relaxation. Elysium will take you to the edge and then back again... over and over.

In need of further relaxation?

You may want to try reiki. Reiki is a hands on healing modality that balances your energy, relieves all stress and relaxes your entire body. I can incorporate reiki at the end of an FBSM or Elysium session to leave you in a state of relaxation and bliss.

In my spare time I like to attend concerts, musicals, San Francisco Giant baseball games, play soccer and hike with my dogs.

60 minute FBSM-220
75 minute FBSM-260
90 minute FBSM-300
120 minute FBSM-400
180 minute FBSM-600

***Hot stones included in FBSM***
***Prostate massage included in FBSM***
***Reiki included in FBSM***

Nuru massage:
60 minute nuru-300
90 minute nuru-400 (30 minute massage/60 minute nuru)
120 minute nuru-500 (1 hour massage/1 hour nuru)
180 minute nuru-700 (2 hour massage/1 hour nuru)

Elysium by Bondassage:
60 minute Elysium-300
90 minute Elysium-400
120 minute Elysium-500
180 minute Elysium-700
***Spanking can be included in Elysium for an additional 20***

I offer FBSM to upscale hotels in San Francisco, Peninsula, and Silicon Valley

60 minute FBSM-250
90 minute FBSM-300
120 minute FBSM-400
180 minute FBSM-600


***Massage Only***
***No Full Service***

(650) 762-6614

E-mail me

Website link