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Available in:
San Francisco, Peninsula, North Bay

(707) 280-9598

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Rachel Sonoma

Step into a realm of acceptance. Enjoy a passionate hug. Intuitive lite touch transitions to Swedish style strokes. Deep relaxation travels thru your entire body. Every thought leaves your mind until you become nothing but a living, breathing, passionate creature. And then it gets really good.

San Francisco and Santa Rosa:
220-60 min.
320-90 min.
420-2 hrs.
Lower Peninsula:
240-60 min.
340-90 min.
440-2 hrs.

You will experience gentle Domination without getting bossed around (a lot). You will get put into light bondage (my favorite part) and receive a combination of massage and sensory play. What is sensory play? Imagine someone dragging a feather over your chest while you are blindfolded. But I’m more creative than that. You will just have to make an appointment to find out. Oh, one more thing: you like prostate massage.

Do you have no interest in being Dominated? That is perfectly fine. Let’s slow down together. When I slow down, I become more tuned into your body. In fact, I will read your body, and know what it wants. You will be tied down, to make clear that you are the receiver and I am the giver. You will be face up for 2/3 of the time. I wonder what I will do with all that time…I know! Tease: take you to the edge and back, as many times as I want.

Both of the above sessions include wireless headphones playing groovy music, to make the experience more intense.
400-90 min.
500-2 hrs.

Authentic Companionship:
You are looking for a connection with a woman. You are perfectly willing to pay for her time. But money is just a practical object. Your ideal woman is right where she wants to be when she is looking into your eyes. She enjoys her time with you every bit as much as you enjoy your time with her.

400-90 minutes
500-2 hours
700-Dinner Date, 4 hours

Because I am an independent practitioner, it is necessary that I screen everyone with whom I may meet. Please be sure to give me provider references or work info. I will need your email address and cell number. To make an appointment, go to my website. Click on "Contact me".