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Massage Massage incall, Asian

Available in:
North Bay,

(707) 490-4042

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Escape from the rest of the world to a blissful hideout where *you* are the center of attention and care!

Lay down and allow your body to enjoy the feel of my skilled hands kneading the last bit of a stressful day out of your every muscle.
I'm an engaging and lovely Filipina masseuse with soft but strong hands, extraordinary massage skills and a private, clean and peaceful Incall location in Santa Rosa.

Escape the commute for an hour (it's not like you'll be going anywhere fast), have a well earned "ME" time after work, or make your day off special with extra spring in your step and a relaxed smile on your face.

Please call for an appointment.
I can't wait to get my hands on you!

(707) 490-4042