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Massage Massage incall, Fetish and fantasy, Blonde

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I love to touch❣ And when we meet I won't be able to keep my hands off you.
Finding those sensitive areas and working my magic upon your poor tired body.
I will renew and reinvigorate you only to take the new energy you'll find that you have for me and weave it into something very special, electric and altogether erotic.

This is not merely full body massage, my dear. It's FBSM & body to body. And KINK if you so desire. 
FBSM / Incall only! 

Explore your deeper desires and experience extreme pleasure. Immerse yourself in a new world, tap into your dark sensual side. Lets cross boundaries & open the path to diverse tastes of pleasure arousing your shadow side to come out & play. I use a heady blend of power/surrender dynamics & sensation play guiding you to evoke, tease & ride your energetic waves of dark delight.

Dare to explore your deeper desires and experience extreme pleasure by immersing yourself to a new world that uncovers dark sensuality. 
Crossing boundaries opens the path to a new taste of pleasure while creating a safe place to arouse your shadow side to play. 
I'll use power and surrender in a dynamic way, as well as sensations to evoke, tease and ride the energy waves of dark delight. 
This session is ideal for those who wish to experience pleasure from a new POV.


Yes, I do screen. I don't see gentlemen without meaningful references. 
Please provide the following if you'd like to book a session with me.
1• Your name and a brief description of yourself. 

2• Your references:
I accept references from VERIFIABLE non-GFE/PSE PROVIDERS. Please include a link to their ad, their contact info, and the approximate date of your last encounter with them, as well as your phone number if you contacted them by phone. Or...

3• Acceptable work verification methods:
 a•  An email from your professional account. I'll provide  a neutral sounding, unpublished email not linked to ads online. Send me an innocent message. I'll not reply. Or...

 b• A quick call your office (through a phone number    made publicly available) at a mutually agreed upon time where you will expect my call. 

Daphne Dawn

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