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Sandra Sullivan

Are you someone adventurous, a man that likes to enjoy all kinds of fun and unique companionship?

Hi, My name is Sandra, and I'd have to say that, yes, I'm very unique, especially as far as companions go!
Just starting with my age alone! I'm proud to be turning 60 yo this year! I've always been a bit rebellious, never liked to follow rules, or, conform to societies beliefs on how a woman my age should act. What she should be doing! Who made up those rules anyway?

I'm what you might call a bit of a rule breaker, and I have no desire to be home, knitting, YAWN! I have had so many amazing experiences in my life, so many impassioned circumstances, spontaneous instances, some were just one time encounters, while others went on for decades!
Every single experience, good and bad, has molded me into the multi faceted woman you see before you now.The connections I've had with the opposite sex have molded me into the passionate, hot blooded, vixen I am today!
Now, I take the sum of all my hedonistic adventures, and offer myself to you.... for a brief moment, an hour, a few days, maybe even longer! I pride myself, on making my time with you memorable, regardless of how long!

I have skills that have taken years to perfect, and I offer them to you, as myself, authentic, responsive creature of passion, I love what I do!

Please, just imagine, that mature, confident woman, that not only knows what you need, but is passionate about it!
Does that appeal to you?

5'4", all natural 44dd's, ample curves, shapely thighs, and, if you're a man that loves a rather large behind, 64 inches, of ample Caboose, for your pleasure. It's hard to miss! ... and, why would you want to?

My look is unique, short fun hair that has been known to be just about any color of the rainbow, currently blonde.
I'm a nice Jewish girl, just waiting for a adventurous gent to call me, anytime, day or night, to start on yet another hedonistic adventure. I get excited only thinking about it!

Won't you join me, as I take you on an adventure of passion and pleasure.
I promise, it won't soon be forgotten!