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Jenny Sunshine

Experience passion, pleasure, and a true intimate connection with yours truly, Jenny Sunshine!

Do I remind you of that fresh faced, athletic beauty you had such a crush on in college? The one who stole your heart, but you were too shy to say "hello" to? The one who looked like such an angel, you were almost embarassed to have fantasies about?

Let's give a happy ending to your memories and dreams! 
In college, I'm a studious, smart, happy and always helpful good girl, with high ambitions and all the right grades and interests.

My secret superhero identity :-) is a sweet and easygoing college cutie who is eager to please - just as smart, and just as good at what I do, but my ambitions are a little different... I enjoy exploring the sensuous arts and the intimacy of a genuine, if fleeting, connection that turns two strangers into very special friends.

My superpowers are my natural beauty, an always positive outlook, an engaging personality that's so refreshing to be with, a surprisingly passionate nature, and an honest desire to bring joy to the one I share my time with.

(510) 435-7375

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