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Massage Women for women, Tantra and CMT, Mature, Massage outcall, Massage incall, DD and bustier, Blonde

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South Bay, East Bay

(650) 273-0923

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Raven Royce

Some of you may be thinking that lady looks familiar or you may remember me from the RB days. I was MsBhaven back then... well I'm still misbehaving; just going by a new name. Ooooh the good old days!

Spending time with me at my private residence is exquisitely unique, classy and deliciously memorable. As always I take pride in having my home an immaculate, meticulously clean, safe, secure and relaxing environment where you'll be validated, appreciated and genuinely treated like the King you are. A private place where you'll find your inhibitions a distant memory.

Im not out there like everyone else. I'm devilishly creative and I insist on quality not quantity, its never a numbers game for me. Truth is if you're going to treat yourself dont waste your time on an encounter you'll regret.. if you even remember it tomorrow.
Surrender yourself to waves of Euphoric Rapture as they wash over you, again and again. If pampering of this nature is something you're a little less familiar with, rest assured I'll erase any nervousness you may have. Of course, if you're a more seasoned sailor of these waters, then let me assure you, I'll be that Unique breath of fresh air you desire and deserve.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time to fully relax and enjoy our time together, an encounter of this nature must not be rushed

You'll love my balance of charm, sophistication and mischievousness. Spend your time with a woman who's classically beautiful, intelligent, giving, non-judgmental and genuinely attentive! My one-of-a-kind personality will make you crave an encounter with me time and time again.

You won't find a Princess here; they always need saving. I am a Queen; I shoot straight from the hip and handle my own business.

Location: East Bay - Fremont

The Art Of Seduction; Robert Greene
The key to such power is ambiguity. In a society where the roles everyone plays are obvious, refuse to conform. Why worry about being socially acceptable; those types are a dime a dozen, and you crave something greater than that.

(650) 273-0923

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