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Companionship and especially Sacred Companionship is rooted in the rich history of magic and alchemy that speaks that language - one that is luxuriously mysterious, powerfully rendered and recalling the ancient craft of the sacred companion. My practice speaks to the past but carries our shared experience to the pinnacle of the highest art of companionship. It hearkens back to the mysteries of thousands of years of study, discovery and artful application, and gathers that legacy to a renewed modernist appraisal of the futurist art of intimacy. Skilled sacred companionship as richly layered as our expression in the magical alchemy of the marvelously detailed escapades that we create.

Pleasure is my watchword. It is the key to successful endeavors. Pleasure can captivate you and help to reveal your desires. I want to elevate pleasure to the place that it deserves since it can be so often co-opted by the cares and needs of this life. Pursuing pleasure is a lofty goal. It requires us to love ourselves enough to seek out a dedicated and skilled companion and act on our desires- to show up for our Self and practice radical self-care. Since that's the premise on which I live my life and practice sensual connection can you imagine where we can go together? I blend my talents and expertise into a mix that is specifically and extraordinarily designed for you and then together we create our passionate interlude.
I celebrate companionship and I support it with words, practices and finely developed divine wisdom. I am about exploring with others that share with me a thirst for that sometimes elusive opportunity to take time and make room for shared, erotic experiences - those, sensual, pleasurable things that we desire to experience in a safe and intimate environment.

I think of myself as refined, authentic, good-natured, and approachable. I love to be as connected as one can be - encompassing mind, body and spirit. Those who know me say I am elegant and intelligent with just the right amount of flirtatiousness and a wicked sense of humor.

You are the type of person who craves heart-centered, authentic, deep connection with a professional and skilled companion and has grown weary of superficial inauthentic encounters with escorts. You are also the type of person that desires to expand your awareness and refine your skills in the realm of the sensual and erotic arts. You appreciate the experience, wisdom and skill of a talented companion.

I am fond of intelligent, respectful and worthwhile relationships. I am also fond of long, leisurely sessions that allow us time to explore the richness of our shared experience. I welcome spacious time with you and I’m open to the possibilities of long-term explorations crafted specifically for you. Let's discuss our preferences so that we can tailor a session to your specific desires.

I am typically available Monday through Friday beginning at 10am. I end my workday at 9pm. Extended appointments are available with advanced planning. I am located in NOBE - North Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville. There is plenty of easy and free parking very near my studio.

If you would like to see me please take a moment to peruse my website at There you will find an Appointment Form under "Connecting". It will help guide you in supplying me with necessary information so that we can quickly and easily complete our due diligence. If you prefer not to use the appointment form you are welcome to email me these essentials:

* A phone number that I can use to reach you
* The best time to reach you
* The references that you would like to share with me
* When you'd like to meet and the duration of our time together
* What drew you to me

Because of the current political and social climate concerning companionship I have been prompted to put in place sophisticated processes in order to safeguard our privacy. I'm confident that you not only understand the reason for my caution but you also can appreciate its necessity. I do hope that we are able to connect sometime soon.