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Visiting Latin, Escorts outcall, Escorts incall

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San Francisco, East Bay

(916) 621-6863

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Jasmine Faye

I could be a model - slender, with elegant firm curves and a gorgeous face that turns heads wherever I go... lucky for you, I prefer a more hands-on job ;-). I prefer to bring smiles to people's faces and get to know them intimately, to be a highlight of your day or week, to be a real person and not an untouchable fantasy.
I'm personable, down to earth and friendly, and even though I love to dress up for a photo shoot, a special occasion or just to make your heart beat faster, I also know how to relax and let my hair down, be in the moment with an old or new friend.

I'm a world travel companion - fly me to wherever you are, or travel with me to exotic destinations!

Your dream come true is blonde and beautiful, with a tiny waist and stunning natural curves, warm and smooth Latin complexion, full, sweet lips and a sparkle of humor in her passionate dark eyes. Here I am, reach out and touch me - first with a call or an email, then in person. It's so easy! What are you waiting for?

Jasmine Faye

* Check out my Instagram account for lots more photos. 100% real photos, 100% real experience