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Massage Women for women, Tantra and CMT, Mature, Massage outcall, Massage incall

Available in:
San Francisco, East Bay

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HANDS OF EXPERIENCE: Swedish-style FULL Body Massage

I welcome you into a space of non-judgement and whole-body reintegration, relaxing your old tensions and transporting you to a rare place of inner calm. While I only ‘went pro’ about 8 years ago after formal training in classic Swedish massage, my personal practice of massage spans over two decades of fascination with the body and its nuances.

I offer a complete massage of quality and depth, incorporating soft touch, deep tissue, and trigger point therapies into a unique offering. Client feedback below says it better than I can muster!

After an encouraging start in Switzerland, I settled in the East Bay in 2012 and continue this offering here in my native country.

Massage sessions last 90 minutes. Both men and women welcome. Quiet refuge, shower, close to BART, parking info provided. Organic oils and ecological products.
Hours: 7am–9:30pm M–F, and some Sundays 5-9:30p.

Donation: 180 for 90 mins! Tips appreciated. Also, 160 for 75mins, 220 for 2hrs. Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland.
On-site massage also available for additional travel charge in both San Francisco and the central East Bay.

CBD Therapeutic Oil Add-On $20 for whole body; $10 for spot application.

I am also a certified yoga instructor now teaching private yoga lessons ($45 for 60mins or session length neg. 45-90mins)

On all days, it is highly recommended that you book at least 4 hours in advance, 24 hrs preferred. New clients must book at least 2 hours in advance.
Cancellation Policy: 4 business hours in advance or 30 dollar penalty applies. This means that a 7am morning appointment would need to be cancelled the previous evening by 5:30pm.

Interested? I can be reached by call or text, (or by email if a quick reply is not required). If you do not reach me directly, PLEASE leave a message by VM or text and I will usually get back to you within 2 hours.

Please Note: I DO NOT answer calls from blocked numbers!

(41Ƽ) ƼƷ9~8812

E-mail me

"I've been to 100 countries and I've probably had massages in about 1/2 of them, and I've had massages in about every major metropolitan area in the U.S. and––I don't want to be theatrical about this––but...I think that this is just about as good as it gets" -- Todd (53yrs) of Oakland, July 2013

"Her extensive experience with different massage modalities resulted in a fluid blending of techniques that lended to an exceptional session. She was respectful in her decorum and made sure to avoid any painful physical parts or to reduce the pressure as needed. Having had many massages in Swedish, Thai, Chinese and Deep Tissue, I am always left with a sense that a part of me was ignored. As we carry emotions inside ourselves, they eventually manifest as muscle aches and pain. I left this session feeling more complete, like my emotional blackboard had been wiped clean." -- David W. of Oakland, May 2015

“I had this tension in my neck and you just went directly to the right spots. It’s like you knew where I was in pain. You're an artist.”— Phil of Michigan, May 2016

"I have never felt so relaxed. Best massage of my life." -- John (51yrs) of Kansas City, Sept 2017

(below translated from French) "Your light touch is amazing, your medium touch and your deep touch as well. You are like 3 masseuses in one" -- Mark (50yrs)

"It was really excellent. You have a force and a gentleness at the same time. The best massage of my life" -- Philippe (43yrs)

"I am myself also a massage therapist. Indeed it is not easy these days to find competent people in this specialty! A small woman refined and calm. One senses within this person a mastery of Self. She began to massage me and I immediately comprehended what she knows. I can not but recommend this location." -- Jeda (49yrs)