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Escorts Visiting, Tantra and CMT, Massage outcall, Massage incall, Massage, GFE

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San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay

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***Home base San Francisco/Oakland/North Berkeley areas.  LA, NYC and other cities please inquire.

Welcome, I'm River.

Are you ready to let your desires come out and play?

5'6 slender, curvy, intelligent, spiritual muse. I welcome with open arms and pride myself in creating a safe space where can time slow down, and our mind and body are freed awash with pulsating delight...

Quite cliché, I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. Still a recovering perfectionist, I made sure to always be the best. But beneath this good façade, I felt this smoldering hunger that kept me up at night. I went searching how to feed it. I studied abroad in Europe, and later lived in New York. I took every course about intimacy and touch you can imagine- and it shows. I began to let go all the conditioning programmed to allow myself to finally receive what I actually desired.

I'm here to reclaim what I so deeply yearn for. I'm here seeking an ally, perhaps someone willing to share my truth. Perhaps you be just that person?
Broadening my horizons is the most important to me such as spiritual self-growth, travel, books and education. Much more so than material things like expensive shoes- although I can rock a pair no doubt ;) Besides a daily meditation practice, I enjoy consensual interaction to find connection, healing and a satisfying life. I feel I have to travel as often as possible- life is too short!! Also as a hedonist, I absolutely love an amazing meal. Foodie to the core, I love when I can taste art!

*Fearless, you'll find me first on the dance floor without any liquid courage. Everyone is a friend only a conversation away.

*Personable, I have experience delighting C-levels as much as the waitress, or doorman. Things seem to happen smoothly when I'm around...

*Engaging, I have an insatiable appetite for life. Previously a nominated actress and aspiring comedienne, there's no end of conversation, humor, wit, and charm- I know we'll have a rocking time!

Inside of further discovering my true gift and unique healing for the world, I'm pursuing my doctorate in Psychology. Therefore I ask you respect my time and discretion as I absolutely value yours.


Kindly pursue my expectations and fill out my form to make our experience as memorable as possible at

That way I can get to know a bit more about you and we can begin to powerfully create our experience together.

- Single-origin dark chocolate
- Self care looks like an amazing day at the sauna/baths or natural hot spring pools...
- Dancing: love classics and exploring new music
- Musicals - I've seen Hamilton 2x!
- TED talks
- Sapiosexuality
- Heated room yoga
- Languages (English, French, Spanish)
- Meditation
- Emotional/intuitive intelligence
- Dark comedy

Recent Books:
Tipping Point | Malcolm Gladwell
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F | Mark Manson
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear | Elizabeth Gilbert