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Massage incall Tantra and CMT, Massage, Blonde

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Jordan Sky

YOUR SACRED MUSE: Invite me to liberate and deliver you home to your natural state of vibrancy, intimacy and ecstasy!

Step into my world…I infuse my passionate love of life with my insatiable appetite and natural ability to be a divine conduit that transforms the quality of the lives I touch! What most feeds and enlivens me is to be witness to my clients rediscovering their natural state of playful curiosity and the delicious wonderment of loving themselves fully! By owning and honoring themselves and their gifts with a fierce passion, my clients have created tremendous life affirming shifts in the health of their mind-body-spirit connection.
My invitation to you…Join me in my exquisite sanctuary nestled in the woods of Mill Valley and leave what doesn’t serve you behind as you step into your oasis of bliss. Give yourself permission to surrender into the safety and bounty of my feminine essence and loving intention for you to awaken to and connect with your truth and divine masculine. You will know without a word slipping from my lips the radiance of my presence to you and your being unconditionally seen, lovingly held and revered as you authentically are. Together we will venture on a journey and dance at your edges as we consciously tease out your powerful radiance and magnificence. Let my breath ground and sooth you, my words pique your curiosity and inspire you. Let my nurturing touch - a delicious blend of dynamically playful, inspiring movement - relax your exquisite temple, dissolve all that doesn’t serve you and bring you to heightened bliss. It is my honor to be your antidote as I guide, nourish and lavish you with my sacred gifts.

“Jordan offers a one-of-a-kind, exquisite full body sensual massage that the goddess Hedone herself would endorse! She combines a warm reverence for the masculine energy with a sexy appreciation for the male form to deliver a delightfully heartfelt and simultaneously erotic relaxation to her clients. Her skillful technique matches her physical beauty and utter devotion to her craft so that all of your internal and external senses will rejoice at her touch!”
– anonymous brother, Berkeley

Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm (last appointment)

Sacred Honorings:

Connect with me: For our mutual protection, I screen new clients in order to provide a safe sanctuary and honoring experience for us both. My desire is to create a safe container for you to leave that which doesn’t serve you behind and to relax and fully surrender into a receptive state of bliss. Please complete my Client Screening Form. Upon submission and approval I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your sacred honoring.