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Contra Costa, East Bay, North Bay, Peninsula, San Francisco, South Bay

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Thank you for indulging in my writing and hopefully investing in memorable fun! Call me Gwyn, a young servant to the arts and your novel endeavors.

Fantasy Books, Sci-Fi films, Dance, Painting and Sports are the brinks that mold the walls of my creative house. I am building a foundation in the Bay since moving here from my home Island.

I am based in Oakland but am able to travel to SF and around the Bay. I have no tattoos or scaring, and my bodies physique (being my best) is my priority.
110 lbs
Strawberry Blonde hair and serene amber eyes with a Vixen core

I love to cater to your holistic needs, being true to my authentic self while giving quality time and loving companionship. Sincere connections is what I strive to co-create with you, making a safe space for us to be ourselves!

Please note my website is for your convenience:
With Love!

Gwyn L