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Amber Rae

Craving Authentic Depth With a Provider Who Truly Cares?

You’ve come to the right place! I’m a heart-connected 25-year-old who actually enjoys this work and--you may not believe it--I have as much fun in our sessions as you do!

Part of how I have so much fun is that I welcome, invite, and even PREFER mutual touch!

I want to be clear - I don’t guarantee mutual touch in every session. But if you can take feedback in how you touch, and work with me to touch me in the way I like to be touched, then we can get to a place where we share pleasure together.

Thus, while you will come away with all the pleasure you desire for yourself in the session, one of my biggest desires is that you leave the session having learned something new about how to touch women in a way that drives them wild.

That means you will become all the better lover to any woman or women now in your life (or whom you will soon attract into your life with your upgraded skills!)

Leave you better than I found you--all while having a blast together for the time we share together. That’s my goal gents!
About Me

Even at my tender age, I have always felt a calling to let go of the shame associated with sexuality--and to support men in doing the same. When we de-shame our sexuality, we can truly come together in a place of pleasure, giving, celebration, and joy.

I love to celebrate my body and sexuality as a dancer--specifically fire-dancing, belly dancing, and yes--even snake dancing.

Thus I bring a dancer’s sensibility to our sessions--always reveling in the natural give-and-take of sensual energy between us.

You will find your erotic energy rising as I glide my hands over your body--and as you feel parts of my body you desire deeply brushing up against yours.

Together we will work with this rising energy to increase pleasure for both of us. Yes, I enjoy these sessions so much too. This isn’t just some side-gig for me. I take great pride in developing my craft, and great pleasure in sharing it with you.

If you stay present with me and give it your all, you will be rewarded with authenticity and depth, far beyond what you may have experienced with other providers.

Tired of women who rush you? Who want you out the door as fast as possible? Who aren’t present, who seem checked-out, or just don’t care?

I’d be tired of that too! That’s not me.

Clients tell me again and again that I’m one of the most present women they’ve ever experienced.

If you can hold gaze with me, our eyes will meet in the middle and we will go deep.

And if you’re a bit too shy to hold eye contact, that’s OK! Because I LOVE working with men who are a bit on the shy side. I love providing the gentle, welcoming space where you can ease into being the sensual man you’ve always dreamed of being.