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San Francisco,

(415) 626-1746

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181 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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SF Citadel

(415) 626-1746
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THE SAN FRANCISCO CITADEL CLUB’s mission is to provide BDSM entertainment, education on alternative lifestyles, cultural and leather community events, and other resources to individuals, associations and communities who identify with having different ways of expressing their proclivities; to create a safe place to meet, entertain, explore and share enjoyment, happiness, laughter and pleasure within those communities locally and nationally; and to be open to the non-BDSM community to check our evening classes, weekend retreats and weekend entertainment events.

The classes, social events, and topics contained on this web site are, by necessity, related to adult sexuality and are therefore only appropriate for adults 18 years or older.

For a full listing of all events being held at the Citadel, please check out our calendar.

Most of our specialty events are held once per quarter unless otherwise specified, often 4 times/year with varying themes for each event.

These types of specialty events are usually, but not always, geared towards specific kink segments.

"Bent" - TNG / Under-4

"Crave" - A party for those who do NOT identify as male

"Flash" - A camera's allowed night! Come let your artistic side play!

"Luscious" - A Celebration of Curves

"Master's Den" - Male-Tops/Female-bottoms

"Mystique" - Female-Tops/Any-bottoms

"Spank" - A party all about spanking

"Taboo" - A Party for more edgy play

"Transmission" - An event for Trans people and friends

"Tryst" - A specialty event for people who consider themselves "on the market" for new dating partners.

Citadel Open Event

Essentially a more low-key evening when the dungeon is open but there is no major "theme" party, etc. Perhaps a better time to come in, get to meet some people in a less frenzied environment, and enjoy a little more space in the dungeon. Often other groups hold "Take-overs" of an open event to celebrate birthdays, have silly impromptu themes, or for a smaller group to have a gathering without needing to rent the entire dungeon space.

Several Special Events are annual or seasonal in nature:

Folsom Street Fair Events - The largest Kinky Street Festival in the world. This weekend is jam packed with events.

SF Pride Celebrations - Pride celebration in San Franciso. The Citadel marches in the parade, has sometimes done floats, etc.

(415) 626-1746
Website link

181 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA 94102