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Larry Utley

One of the most beloved photographers of the San Francisco's alternative community - Larry Utley is an artist and photographer based in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Trained in traditional photography, his work is a fusion of traditional methods and digital creation. Larry has returned to the art of photography from a career in advertising and graphic design expressly to satisfy his muse. Working with members of San Francisco's fetish, fantasy, and bdsm communities he documents the creativity and kinky excesses of people engaged in serious pleasure.

Speaking as a model, working with Larry is a joy and an inspiration. His eye is non-judgmental yet discerning, ever true to the individual he is working with. Each shoot has been a collaboration of visions, costumes, makeup, lighting, and shared ideas, yet at the end of the day I continue to be surprised at what Larry sees that I have never seen before in myself. The abundance of expression he captures can be overwhelming. The most exasperating thing about doing photos with Larry is also what brings me back: choosing from the profusion of images that evoke the seduction of fetish and bdsm.
Larry Utley is the visual auteur of Women in Control: Iron Fist, Velvet Glove, with an introduction by Mistress Miranda, and Fetish Fashion: Undressing the Corset, with an introduction by Autumn Carey Adamme of Dark Garden Corsetry, both published by Green Candy Press.

Celebrate your erotic individuality. Private photo shoots and event photography are available by commission. Contact Larry Utley by email for appointments and information.