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Glam You Are Hot!

Introducing GLAM YOU ARE HOT™ Mobile Sensual/Boudoir Photography and Makeup Artistry Where We are Making The World Beautiful One Brush Stroke And Camera Click At A Time!

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(650 )479-GLAM(4526)
Sensual/Boudoir Photography

Makeup Artistry

Hair Styling

Wardrobe Rental Coming Soon

 My focus is on making you feel beautiful from the time you enter the door. Before the Glam begins until you leave.

I am here to only make you feel wonderful.

 GLAM YOU ARE HOT™ Is not a fly by night project. My mission is to change the world's view on what true beauty is. I do not discriminate on size, shape, color or background. You will feel comfortable during the shoot and be delighted with the results!

(650) 479-GLAM(4526)

E-mail me

Website link