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Photographers Adult services and employment,

Available in:
South Bay, Santa Cruz to Monterey, San Francisco, Sacramento, Peninsula, North Bay, Monterey to Santa Barbara, East Bay, Contra Costa, Central Valley

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Boudoir by P-Studios

 P-Studios is a professional studio that specializes in Intimate photography for women.

This includes Boudoir, Glamour, Pin-up, and Fetish Photography.

P-Studios has over 16 years of experience when it comes to glamour photography and a 85% return rate from customers. You might ask how can that be, we treat our customers with respect and no judgment.

We travel throughout California and Nevada, providing in-call and out-call services. If you like the beach, cars, and motorcycles it’s time to get out and shoot.

FYI 24HR turn around on edited photos

Contact info:

P-Studios / James

Instagram: pstudios


(510) 987-0782

E-mail me

Website link